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All SHOW dancers and their parents sign-up for a two year cycle of dance training: Year 1 “technique / non-show year”, a time of focusing hard and without distraction on personal technique, dancer “lines” in their body and new advanced skills; Year 2 “show year” – by this time, the Creative Team professionals have spent numerous months creating our next original production – a biennial event! The students, while still working hard on technique in year two, begin to learn SHOW choreography starting in September.

Full Cast Rehearsal Process

Wow is this ever an intense time!!! In the last and most crucial part of our two year schedule, the parents and students sign on for eight weeks of very intense rehearsals right before showtime. By this time all group and solo numbers have been choreographed in class starting in September! The “Full Cast” rehearsals (meaning all 65 dancers at once), starting at the beginning of April, begin the very creative process of “pasting the show together”, making the story of the SHOW flow and come alive . . .

Dancers are called to rehearsal two to four times per week in this very intense period, which happens once every two years for students in the Dance Performance Program. Feedback from the dancers time after time – one of best parts of the show process. Feedback from parents time after time – must be extremely organized and prepared with the family schedule, but all is worth it in the end!

This process ends with our “tech week” at the theatre – the Production and Creative Teams final preparations ON STAGE with the dancers before Opening Night!