SHOW: Rétrospective, Director’s Note

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 10.12.37 AMWelcome to the year of our transformation from fifteen years only known as Les Ateliers Turcotte to our era… seems only fitting to reflect and retrospect our past successes – come full circle so to speak, and pay homage to what has come before.

True, we have been transitioning or rebranding our name slowly the last couple of years. It’s been only since the start up of our competitive dance team however that I feel the transformation/vision has come to fruition!

The show you are about to witness is very different than any we have ever done before. Simpler design aspects, higher level dance skill…. this is our new vision for the future!

Sadly our future does not include two very beloved women who have made LAT better with their presence and talent over the last six years. We are saying good bye to Lorraine Emmrys Miller our costume/props designer who looks forward to her retirement this summer… And to Holly Greco, our advanced jazz teacher who has inspired her LAT students utterly and completely! We have tremendous love in our hearts for you both…

Join me in celebrating and supporting these talented, dedicated and very hard-working advanced young dancers, some only training for one or two years, while others dancing consecutively for upwards of twelve years!

Greater skill level comes to those who train and dance for many many seasons. Case in point, the LAT teaching/choreography team who are all currently performing and working in the Montreal dance scene. All are very well trained and experienced performers. A thousand thank yous to all the LAT teachers for their amazing creative contributions to this show!

Thank you for being our audience!

LynnAnne Turcotte


  1. Les Ateliers Turcotte, 6111 Monkland Ave, NDG (brick & mortar studio space available to rent)
  2. (body of work – 18 years worth of material, current dance programs, classes, competitions and performances, including professionally mounted shows, summer street festivals and charity events)