The Dance Expression Program at LAT offers fun and dynamic classes for children ages 2 ½ to 12.  These highly talked about classes are a great way to experience the wonderful world of dance.  A journey of self exploration and creativity, the child will discover fun and expressive movement in her or his body, mind and spirit . . .

Parents . . . Does your child have a dancer’s spirit?

Excellent . . . !  Nurturing, igniting and supporting the journey of a dancer spirit though proper dance technique training, but most especially through creativity, self-expression and pure love of dance . . . is our specialty!

Lessons: Age Group Options

The Dance Expression Program consists of all LAT entry level courses for children.  No matter how little or how much dance experience your child has, this is where all dancers begin the LAT experience!  Those with considerable and noteworthy dance experience will be fast tracked into the Advanced Dance Program by passing an in-class audition.  For the advanced classes we look for students with a high skill level, great work ethic, positive attitude, enthusiasm / passion for dance and team spirit.

Early Dance Expression, a half hour dance exploration for the very young.  In a circle formation, dancers follow the teacher through ballet style stretches, positions and balances.  Gross-motor movement development is then encouraged by marching, galloping and skipping etc around the circle.  To end each class, dancers improvise with colourful scarves.  This promotes self confidence and the child’s unique creativity.  Hugs are the way we say our good-byes!  Successfully established since 1992!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Dancers of this age group MUST be toilet trained (i.e. finished with no pull-ups) and separated (i.e. able to be left with teachers).  Parents are not allowed to stay, not even the first day.

Schedule (September – June):

Kinder Dance Expression, a one hour curriculum that explores four different styles of dance each class.  We discover improvisation, by expressing ourselves to exciting music with colourful scarves.  Then the teacher moves the dancers through 3 different sets of exercises, new step combinations and gross-motor movements in an age appropriate “follow the teacher” teaching style: 1) for classical ballet, 2) for tap and 3) for jazz.  Hugs are the way we say our good-byes!  Successfully established since 1997!

Schedule (September – June)

Elementary Dance Expression, a one hour and fifteen minute curriculum that explores four different styles of dance each class.  Versatility and appreciation of many dance forms is fostered as the dancer discovers and practices:

1.  Improvisation (often referred to as “free dance”); the teacher uses description words to guide the experience.

2.  Classical ballet bar & centre; exercises are practiced to develop proper dance style and technique.

3.  Tap dance; basic steps, new rhythms, and increasingly challenging combinations are explored.

4. Jazz moves; to popular music dancers learn to dance to the beat of the music, plus learn new dance leaps & turns.

This class is divided into three groups: Adv. Kinders, ages 7-9, and 10-12.  Successfully established since 1997!