Tap dance teaches basic tap technique and steps. Rhythm and coordination will improve as well as physical stamina and control. This class is a great way to exercise both the body and the mind. This is a great cardio vascular workout! Some clients call their taps their “happy shoes”.  So, pick-up your “happy shoes” and join our tap class! . . . 

Introductory Tap for Children

Introductory tap for children is new addition to our class schedule as of fall 2017. Our all-ages generational tap classes have been so successful that we have decided to add another tap class to meet the specific needs of our beginner children. Introductory Tap for Children is to help children learn the basics of tap dancing, taught in a way specific to how children learn best.

Generation Tap 

Generation Tap is all ages (10& up, teens, adults) dancing in the same class!  Wow – what a concept!  Everybody who has done tap knows – tap is tap! 

Tap shoes available to rent, many sizes available for children. Email us to get more info!