This program is an Advanced Dance and Acro program for children ages 5 – 13. The acro element was introduced in Fall 2011 as an option to quickly train strength, flexibility and fun acro gym skills. As of January 2013 the acro class is a mandatory component of this LAT program. To be eligible for this level, you must have been invited by LynnAnne through an in-class audition at the Recreational level.

2 hours of Dance and 1.5 hours of Acro
Children who are new to the advanced teaching methodology that come straight from the LAT Recreational Dance Expression program at the Elementary level. These children work on the building block skills of dance and expression which prepares them to move up to levels 2 and 3 when ready. 

2 hours of Dance and 1.5 hours of Acro
Children have successfully completed the basic building block skills of dance and expression and are now being challenged to dance on the music; tempo and rhythm. These children are being introduced to all the high level skills that are needed for level 3 but which will take months and/or years to accomplish. 

3.5 hours of dance and 2 hours of Acro
Children have now accomplished the high level skills necessary for the fast paced and precise curriculum that equals the training of the Teen Dance Program. These children excel at intricate and exciting choreography. 

***Mandatory for all our advanced dancers: 2 weeks of Advanced Dance & Acro Summer camp. Usually the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August. 

Next step: Competitive Team!


A bit about Acro

This is a class that teaches the technique behind cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, flips and twists (i.e. ariels & back tucks) – with lots of work and fun time on the trampoline and tumble track to teach “fast legs” for our leaps and jumps!!!  Our emphasis however is floor skills to be incorporated into choreographies for our shows and demos!!!

Level 1 is for acro/gym fundamentals.  Level 2 & 3 are for those that already have strong fundaments and are working on increasingly harder skills. We will also be spending lots of time working on tight body / conditioning (to make young bodies stronger) and group LIFTS of all kinds.  Essentially this program is designed and is very successful in strengthening our advanced dancers and giving them the tools to perform exciting acro tricks into their dance choreographies . . .

This two hour per week acro class is mandatory in addition to the advanced dance classes.