LATitude: Advanced Dance and Acrobatics Program

LATitude, our advanced program, is a unique, sequential four-level training system designed to enable dancers to move seamlessly from one level to the next once skills are mastered, regardless of age. There are many performance opportunities each year for students in this program.

Students thrive in this safe, reassuring environment, growing both as dancers and human beings through their many years in this program.  Strong friendships are forged backstage, at competitions, and in the summer intensive.
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LATitude: Levels 1 – 4

INVITATION ONLY WITH PREVIOUS PARTICIPATION IN THE RECREATIONAL PROGRAM. Dancers train in contemporary dance, classical ballet, jazz, acrobatics, lift technique, and improvisation. Levels 1 and 2 are considered the beginners of the program and progress over several years before reaching level 3.  Once dancers reach level 3 they can choose to be on Team LATitude. During shows, levels 1 and 2 combine, as do levels 3 and 4, and perform in professionally created choreographies. The entire program fosters multi-age synergy and interconnectedness.

All students in this program must participate each summer in our mandatory two-week summer dance intensive, held at the end of August. This program has many performance opportunities, including shows, festivals, competitions, and other events. LATitude teachers are active members of the Montreal dance scene as dancers, choreographers, company directors.  They are renowned for their work in dance videos, stage productions, and workshops.

Team LATitude

Team LATitude offers rigorous training to members selected from higher levels of the LATitude Advanced Dance and Acrobatics program. Members of Team LATitude have dance classes and practices 3 or 4 times per week, depending on their level (approximately 9 hours weekly). The Team is suitable for focused, mature students between ages 9 and 16, who are driven to attain high-level skills, and who are able to balance both dance and academic studies. Team LATitude takes part in dance competitions around Montreal, both in mandatory group choreographies, and where applicable, in solo, duet, and trio entries.

Team members are selected in June.  All students on Team LATitude are required to take twice-weekly summer classes while in town (6 hours), and must take part in the two-week LATitude Summer Dance Intensive, where group choreographies are created.  Dancers who do not attend the intensive may remain part of the LATitude Program, but will not be permitted to be on the Team that year.

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