The RECREATIONAL FOCUS (Level 1) of the Teen Dance Program is for dancers thirteen to seventeen who want these dance classes to be a fun activity and not necessarily want to take it very seriously.  These are teens who may not have a desire to do performances or shows of any kind, or are simply interested in taking dance class once or twice a week for enjoyment and exercise as an after-school activity.

NOTE: all beginner students and those new to LAT’s curriculum begin in this entry level FOCUS.  Those with considerable and noteworthy dance experience will be fast tracked into the Advanced Teen Dance PERFORMANCE FOCUS, if they desire, by passing an in-class audition.  For the advanced classes we look for students with a high skill level, great work ethic, positive attitude, enthusiasm / passion for dance and team spirit.

The PERFORMANCE FOCUS (Levels 2&3) of the Teen Dance Program is for dancers thirteen to seventeen who strive for EXCELLENCE!  Some are recent “graduates” of the Children’s Advanced Dance & Gymnastics Program; some are teens who have just recently started to dance, but have a great desire and aspiration to dance seriously and who work very hard in class to improve their dance skills and technique quickly!  They have all been invited into this advanced FOCUS group by LynnAnne and their dance teachers.

What distinguishes these teens from others is that they have strong focus, concentration and determination to work hard  on and improve their dance skills – especially their dance technique, “dancer lines” and style.

These exceptional teens strive and thrive to participate in our LARGE professionally mounted Theatrical Productions every two years!

Past Show: May 2016 – participating dancers must have danced our full two year cycle i.e. year 1 – technique study (Sept 2014),  year 2 – show choreography (Sept 2015) in order to be eligible to perform in our 2016 Original Dance Theatre Production: Rétrospective.